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What is the Tree of Life and practical Qabalah?

Qabalah is a wealth of information. The word ‘Qabalah’ is Hebrew and it means to receive inner wisdom. 

The teachings have previously been passed down through the ages by word of mouth and are more often known as Kabbalah as it comes from Jewish origins. Although the subject is the same, the word Qabalah is more regularly known by those of non-Jewish background linked to the Western world. 

Much has been written about the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life. 

It is easy to see why people may think it is too confusing or for a chosen few only.  It is also easy to understand the reasoning that with so many other spiritual options to choose from, why should Qabalah be separated out - what has Qabalah got that cannot be found elsewhere? 

So, what is the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life all about, and why would anyone want to study this spiritual tool and guide? 

Let us begin with what the Qabalah is not.  It is not a religion and yet it embraces all faiths, beliefs and traditions. Qabalah recognises the value in everything and teaches that there are no rights or wrongs, just different perspectives. The Qabalistic route is walking the path that is right for you, and not concerning ourselves with how others are walking their path, or making judgements. 

The Qabalah is more a Way of Life  

The practical Qabalah has many levels. However, if we start at the beginning - at the base of the Tree of Life - and take the teachings one step at a time we soon discover they are beautifully simple and very effective. 

The teachings expand awareness on all levels and encourage us to look at our Self, our life and the Bigger Picture in a different way.  They highlight where our strengths and weaknesses are, and start to bring out the Real You. 
It has been said the Qabalah is too complicated.  The Qabalah is very complex, spirituality is a huge topic, but it is also breathtakingly simple and if we start at the beginning then like a jigsaw the pieces start to fall into place and our understanding of it grows – the mental pennies start to drop. 

The teachings are mapped out on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life is like a spiritual road map. On a practical level it guides us from one area of life to another.  The idea is to identify our dreams and successfully bring them into manifestation.  The spiritual journey mapped out on the Tree of Life can help us to find ways of leading a life that is more in tune with the true nature of who we are. 

How many people are not happy? 
How many people spend much of their time just trying to survive? How many are in relationships that are not equal or working in jobs that do not bring fulfilment, and creative potential remains undiscovered and unused. The practical Qabalah is simply about tapping into that creative power.  

The Bigger Picture is an ideal world full of creative individuals leading more fulfilling and happier lives. 
The Tree of Life works very much on a practical level. The teachings start by encouraging us to look at the life we are leading and the private world we have created for ourselves.  The focus is on being grounded as well as spiritually aware.  It looks at healing and the importance of being self-sufficient and learning how to Heal Self. All aspects of healing are included as well as paying attention to what is going on and recognising help that is available spiritually.  

Self-discipline and self motivation are two essential requirements.  These two qualities are necessary if we want to make positive changes in our life. Life is meant to be about experiencing new things and learning new skills.  The aim is to become as the Shepherd and not the Sheep; to be Master of our own life. 

So you can see there is nothing airy-fairy about the Qabalah and there is no need to limit ourselves.  Qabalah embraces many things including healing, angels and crystals. 

Paying attention to the sort of images and attitudes occupying our mind is another very important aspect to Qabalah.  Our feelings affect the way we think, and the way we think influences the type of experiences we draw towards us. Many people, without realising it, are handing over their power every time they react to something in a negative and unproductive way. The Qabalah helps us to peel back the layers and get to the core of who we are and how we tick.  So many things influence and affect us and unless we get to grips with our weaknesses, then like an Achilles heel, they will continually bring us down and prevent us from tapping into and using the creative power available to us, and drawing what we want into our lives. 

The aim is to always make choices and decisions that are right for us.  This is the art behind Qabalah – raising awareness and operating on a higher level.  It is easy to spot someone who works from a higher level rather than someone who is operating purely from a subjective stance.  We may not be in control of what others say or do but we can be in control over how we behave and what we say.  How many of us are though?  An emotional reaction often catches us unaware.  It is like a habit, we don’t think about biting our nails or twiddling with our hair, we just do it.  Our emotional reactions are governed by the state of our subconscious and further investigation into how we react and respond helps us, through becoming more aware and understanding the triggers, to take control of our emotions and avoid behaving in ways that are unproductive and even destructive. 

We also have to be realistic about our expectations bearing in mind that expectation can be the Mother of Disappointment.  How well do we deal with disappointment? The Qabalah helps us to hope rather than expect, and to be mindful of the fact that there is a Bigger Picture, and if we want to move forward on our journey through life we might have to accept that what we think we want may not be in alignment with the Will of our Soul. 

Qabalah encompasses many different things that can help us in our daily lives.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed when looking at a picture of the Tree of Life because there is so much information that can be linked to it:  Angels, Archangels, colours, chakras, healing, symbols, perfumes, plants, crystals, karma, astrology, tarot, fate and destiny – these are just some of the things the practical Qabalah includes, but if taken one step at a time it is easy to see the benefits and truly exciting to see how everything interacts and works together. 

Qabalah and the Tree of Life raises our Awareness. 

Awareness that helps us to recognise doorways of Opportunity leading to choices and possibilities that may otherwise never see the light of day.   

Find out how to use the Qabalistic Tree of Life and start to Live the Life that is Right for You. 

We have a complete series of Tree of Life workbooks.

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