Tuesday, 18 August 2015

A Spiritual Journey from the ground floor, up.

Everyone has their own perspective on what a spiritual journey is.  For me it began when I made a conscious decision to live a happier, more fulfilling and productive life.

It doesn't sound very spiritual - beginning on the ground floor, but it was the right approach for me.

I took my first steps preparing for my journey without realising it.  I put it down to synchronicity - being in the right place at the right time.  When I look back I can see I followed a trail, the result of circumstances and situations that occurred at the time.

I could have wandered off in a different direction - but I didn't.  Whatever force was guiding me did it in such a gentle and subtle way there was no reason for me - Lorraine, the personality - to object and run a mile.

My studies began at the Mystery School of Maat.  It was starting on the ground floor getting to Know Thy Self - examining my personality and the life I had created for myself - that inspired me to up my game and consciously strive to be a better person.  It might seem an odd way to embark on a spiritual adventure but had I been steered in the direction of meditating for hours on end I would never have stayed the course.

I loved the classes. They were what I considered to be 'down to earth'. Had I been fast-tracked to anything deeper or more intense I would have been lost.  I needed a tangible approach.  Something I could grab hold of and easily understand.  Vague impressions were lost on me.  Endless meditation bored me.  There were many times when I got frustrated with some of my more ethereal colleagues who wanted to engage in deep and meaningful discussions about dreams and visualisations.  I just wanted to know how it related to everyday life.

There were times when I wasn't very tactful.  The longer others took to divulge their insights, the more succinct I became in my response.

That was an important lesson I discovered about myself.  Some people are able to express themselves more clearly than others.  It doesn't necessarily mean that those who need more time have a lesser message to convey.

But there was still the other important factor - as far as I was concerned - to remember, the fact that we live in a material world, and most of us have to juggle finances and relationships etc.  So, learning about me and how I could survive in an often alien and unfriendly world, and yet still enjoy a more productive life encouraged me to stay and learn more.

There was no obvious moment of realisation on how I could improve my life.  I had no idea what my creative talents were, unlike others who knew they were healers or channellers.

I barely knew what to do with a crystal, I thought they were just pretty ornaments.  The topic of angels was a mystery to me.  So, learning about me, my hopes, fears and dreams for the future, was the first important step.

Interestingly, although as students we may have sometimes differed in outlook from one another, the one thing we all shared was our need to put what we had learned to good use.  We each felt compelled in some way to 'do something'.  Otherwise what was the point of our years of studying.  We all knew we had a life purpose and our common aim was to discover what that life purpose was and breathe life into it.

Therein lies the challenge that besets everyone on the earth plane regardless of faith, belief or tradition. 

 • Who Are We?  
 • Why Are We Here?  
 • What is our Life Purpose and Soul Function?

We all have a reason for being here irrespective of circumstances and duration.  We are all each other's teacher, and those living what may appear to be a lowly and unproductive life may be providing the most valuable life lessons for others.

It took me many years to realise what I could do to help others, and then many more to bring my goal to fruition.

The teachings of the Tree of Life that were passed onto me have continued to capture my attention for over 26 years.  They offer a very different perspective on life and many popular interests like the Law of Attraction, and the work of angels, can be found under its umbrella.

The Mystery School of Maat evolved into the Order of the White Lion.  The Order of the White Lion website is a teaching site dealing with all aspects of spiritual and physical life.

To learn more about the practical Qabalah and Tree of Life please visit Isis Qabalah Tuition.

To help others on their spiritual journey who feel they would benefit from a ground floor up approach there is a beginner series of Tree of Life workbooks available in pdf and paperback format.

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Friday, 14 August 2015

When a Platitude isn't Enough ....

I love reading the many platitudes that pop up on social media.  Some are fun and some have magnificent art work.  There are squillions floating around so plenty of others must enjoy them too.  They do the circuit and although many are just variations on the more well-known ones, they serve a purpose to remind us, amongst other things, that we are worthy, to use our creativity and to be grateful for everything we are blessed with in life.

For me, the platitudes remind me of what I have forgotten particularly when life takes over and I lose my sense of balance.

Most of us are going to agree with a platitude as its usually a positive statement, and we’re more likely to be receptive to the message when we’re feeling relatively ok with our life.

However, when a trauma takes over a platitude on its own isn’t always enough.  A platitude reminding a bereaved person about detachment is not very helpful.  Sometimes they can make us feel worse.   

When I need a bit of extra help, beyond a platitude, I turn to the Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life offers more than positive reminders to help me on my way, it provides a simple structure, in a way that I can easily understand, to help me follow through with the positive affirmations so they don’t become something I just acknowledge or pay lip service to.

Its very easy to pay lip service.  We often don’t even realise we are doing it.  

Faith in a greater force and bigger picture can hold us together.   It doesn’t matter what faith, belief or religion we choose, we often just need more than a positive statement.   We need something that prepares and guides us through the dark days, inspires us to plan and attain our goals for the future, and helps us to recognise our strengths and weaknesses so we can help, not only ourselves, but others along the way too.  

When I read platitudes that remind me to “think positively” I think of the teachings of the sephirah Hod (personality mind) that go one step further and explain how our thoughts create images in our mind and how they can manifest in our everyday life.

With platitudes on “Self Worth” I think of Netzach - the sephirah of Feelings and Love - and remember that it is my responsibility to put bottom lines in place so I don’t lose my self respect and allow myself to be treated like a doormat. 

All the sephiroth (areas) on the Tree of Life offer insights on different aspects of life. 

So, for those occasions, when a simple platitude isn’t enough, there is always, for me, the Tree of Life to fall back onto.  It is my prop, my faith and my spiritual tool.  It covers all aspects of life and spirituality.  From living on the earth plane and playing the game of life, to connecting with the universal force and just being.

So, the next time a platitude isn’t enough and you’re struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps it’s worth exploring the Tree of Life - a different approach that may be able to help :)

More information can be found through: The Order of the White Lion  and  Isis Qabalah Tuition  

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Why I Love the Tree of Life

27 years ago, when I first started studying at the Mystery School of Maat, it was to learn about Astrology.  Friends of mine had started a course at this ‘amazing’ place and told me I would love it, so I signed up and went along.  It was the beginning of something incredible.  

I wasn’t looking for spiritual enlightenment.  

I was more interested in finding an interesting hobby.

The moment I stepped through the doors of Maat I felt I had entered something very different.  The building felt alive and on more than one occassion the hairs on the back of my neck stood fully on end!

My fellow students were - from my perspective - odd.  I was a square peg in a round hole and it was only because I had made the effort to get there, that I stayed.

I’m very glad I did.  I remained feeling somewhat detached from everyone else for quite a long time but it was ok because what I was learning was utterly fascinating.

I had no idea that behind the astrology, tarot, inner light, karma classes etc. was a school teaching Qabalah - the practical Qabalah - to be precise.

Once I had completed all the courses I was asked if I would be interested in continuing only now the teachings would be on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

I had never heard of Qabalah or the Tree of Life before entering the School of Maat but I had absolutely loved what I had learnt so far so decided to stay and complete my training,

It was the start of something wonderful.  Before, had someone tried to talk to me about angels or crystals or healing, I would have felt uncomfortable.

With the training that I received everything started to make sense, and I could see more of the bigger picture, and understand better how everything interacted and connected.  

I was probably one of the most challenging students the teachers had to deal with.  I constantly questioned everything.  But it’s through asking questions that we learn.

We started at the base of the Tree of Life - unlike many other Kabbalah schools which focus on the top at first - and explored the sort of life we had created for ourselves, the way we took action to get what we want, and examined the way we behaved.

We moved on to what was called the level of the personality: emotions, thoughts and feelings, and examined those.

Next we focused on connecting with the soul (personal spirit guides were covered in the level of the personality) and looked at karma: personal, family, national and racial.  Then we looked into our picture of life to see our place in the bigger picture. 

The journey continued until we reached the top of the tree and then we started again, at the bottom, this time going deeper.

There are worlds within worlds with the Tree of Life.  Its vast, yet beautifully simple.

What my training has done for me is propel me forward and given me confidence and courage to explore and pursue my life’s interests. 

Spiritual enlightenment cannot be handed on a plate, we have to work for it.  Once you start to expand your thinking there is no going back.  You cannot undo awareness.  There was no question that I would not continue.  There was a restlessness inside me now that wanted to keep learning and endeavouring to understand.  I studied at the school for over 15 years.

What I have received is like a degree in life.  It's made me a better person.  A more productive individual.  I was given the tools to help myself and that is what I have done, and will continue to do, as well as help others to do the same. 

Myself, and the thousands of others who trained at the School of Maat can never thank our teacher, Jenni Shell, enough for devoting her energy to passing on the ancient wisdom of Qabalah.

Today, the school of Maat has evolved into the Order of the White Lion.  If you would like to explore the Tree of Life for yourself then please visit our website:  The Order of the White Lion

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