Friday, 14 August 2015

When a Platitude isn't Enough ....

I love reading the many platitudes that pop up on social media.  Some are fun and some have magnificent art work.  There are squillions floating around so plenty of others must enjoy them too.  They do the circuit and although many are just variations on the more well-known ones, they serve a purpose to remind us, amongst other things, that we are worthy, to use our creativity and to be grateful for everything we are blessed with in life.

For me, the platitudes remind me of what I have forgotten particularly when life takes over and I lose my sense of balance.

Most of us are going to agree with a platitude as its usually a positive statement, and we’re more likely to be receptive to the message when we’re feeling relatively ok with our life.

However, when a trauma takes over a platitude on its own isn’t always enough.  A platitude reminding a bereaved person about detachment is not very helpful.  Sometimes they can make us feel worse.   

When I need a bit of extra help, beyond a platitude, I turn to the Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life offers more than positive reminders to help me on my way, it provides a simple structure, in a way that I can easily understand, to help me follow through with the positive affirmations so they don’t become something I just acknowledge or pay lip service to.

Its very easy to pay lip service.  We often don’t even realise we are doing it.  

Faith in a greater force and bigger picture can hold us together.   It doesn’t matter what faith, belief or religion we choose, we often just need more than a positive statement.   We need something that prepares and guides us through the dark days, inspires us to plan and attain our goals for the future, and helps us to recognise our strengths and weaknesses so we can help, not only ourselves, but others along the way too.  

When I read platitudes that remind me to “think positively” I think of the teachings of the sephirah Hod (personality mind) that go one step further and explain how our thoughts create images in our mind and how they can manifest in our everyday life.

With platitudes on “Self Worth” I think of Netzach - the sephirah of Feelings and Love - and remember that it is my responsibility to put bottom lines in place so I don’t lose my self respect and allow myself to be treated like a doormat. 

All the sephiroth (areas) on the Tree of Life offer insights on different aspects of life. 

So, for those occasions, when a simple platitude isn’t enough, there is always, for me, the Tree of Life to fall back onto.  It is my prop, my faith and my spiritual tool.  It covers all aspects of life and spirituality.  From living on the earth plane and playing the game of life, to connecting with the universal force and just being.

So, the next time a platitude isn’t enough and you’re struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps it’s worth exploring the Tree of Life - a different approach that may be able to help :)

More information can be found through: The Order of the White Lion  and  Isis Qabalah Tuition  

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